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Nine Inch Nails - Add Violence album flac

Nine Inch Nails - Add Violence album flac Performer: Nine Inch Nails
Title: Add Violence
Style: Industrial
Released: 2017
MP3 album: 1923 mb
FLAC album: 1599 mb
Rating: 4.5
Genre: Electronic

It was produced by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Moving away from the more aggressive nature of Not The Actual Events, the EP focused more on soundscapes and textures alongside their traditional elements, similar to that of The Fragile, which resulted in more longform compositions.

The two mashed together tempos and moods of Not Anymore could be just a quick and dirty way to stick two otherwise incomplete musical fragments together - the long outro of The Background World simply a way to make the rest of the song feel less unfinished.

Like with their previous releases, it was produced by frontman Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.

2017 The Null Corporation.

Nine Inch Nails aren’t just one thing, and duly their latest output can’t be boiled down and assessed in the space of a morning commute. This band requires dedication and graft. They're the Ulysses of modern music but not shit. That’s exceptionally cheesy (and extremely hard to accomplish in the space of 28 minutes) but it’s true. The EP starts with club-ready singalongs, descends into brooding, subdued territory and then breaks into a fist-flinging flurry before the climax: The Background World.

There's a lot to sink into on the new release. The album ends with "The Background World," an 11-minute trip into a landscape of sounds and moods. It continually builds over time, Reznor taunting in the background, "Is this what you want?" while the tension becomes thicker. Everything comes crashing to a noisy, distorted mess, with electronics crumbling at its finale. This week, the group played their first show in three years in Bakersfield, Calif.

Label: Self Format: CD, Digital, Vinyl July 21, 2017 (Digital) August 8, 2017 (CD) September 1, 2017 (Vinyl). Sort: Recent best-seller Results cached.

Band Name Nine Inch Nails. Type EP. 发布日期 21 七月 2017.


Less Than 3:30
The Lovers 4:10
This Isn't The Place 4:44
Not Anymore 3:07
The Background World 11:44


Category Artist Title (Format) Label Category Country Year
none Nine Inch Nails Add Violence ‎(5xFile, MP3, EP, 320) The Null Corporation none 2017
B002726701 Nine Inch Nails Add Violence ‎(12", EP) Capitol Records, The Null Corporation B002726701 US 2017
B002726701, 00602557897951 Nine Inch Nails Add Violence ‎(12", EP) Capitol Records, Capitol Records, Caroline Records, Caroline Records B002726701, 00602557897951 Europe 2017
B002726701, 0060255789951 Nine Inch Nails Add Violence ‎(12", EP, M/Print) Capitol Records, Capitol Records, Caroline Records, Caroline Records B002726701, 0060255789951 Europe 2017
none Nine Inch Nails Add Violence ‎(5xFile, AAC, EP, 256) The Null Corporation none US 2017
none Nine Inch Nails Add Violence ‎(5xFile, FLAC, EP, 24b) The Null Corporation none US 2017
none Nine Inch Nails Add Violence ‎(5xFile, WAV, EP, 16 ) The Null Corporation none US 2017
none Nine Inch Nails Add Violence ‎(5xFile, WAV, EP, 24-) The Null Corporation none US 2017
B002726602, 00602557897975 Nine Inch Nails Add Violence ‎(CD, EP) The Null Corporation, The Null Corporation, Capitol Records, Capitol Records, Caroline International, Caroline International B002726602, 00602557897975 Europe 2017
B002726602 Nine Inch Nails Add Violence ‎(CD, EP) Capitol Records, The Null Corporation B002726602 Canada 2017
B002726602 Nine Inch Nails Add Violence ‎(CD, EP) Capitol Records, The Null Corporation B002726602 US 2017
B002726602 Nine Inch Nails Add Violence ‎(CD, EP) Capitol Records, The Null Corporation B002726602 Australia 2017
none Nine Inch Nails Add Violence ‎(CDr, EP, Num, Promo, Wat) Universal Music Canada none Canada 2017
none Nine Inch Nails Add Violence ‎(CDr, EP, Promo) Caroline International none France 2017

Comments: (37)
The sound is a little muddy at points which is unfortunate
My goodness...What a unbelievable record. I agree, that some the tracks are super heavy compressed. In my eyes I could clearly hear it in 'Less Then'. When the sound is full on with the guitar riffs, and the vocals it sounds really one dimensional and I can feel how my ears are getting really stressed from these loud and flat frequencies. Don't know why Reznor chose it to sound like that but I'm sure he did for a reason.These technical facts are some negative points but honestly, the music is so big that I can overlook these. Funnily it's also 'Less Then' which totally blows me away with it's energy. I love this track so much.But also every other track. Again, the man goes in so many directions music wise that it just leaves me impressed and speechless.
So awesome and amazing I was pleasantly surprised and failed to notice the description of what I had ordered. Apparently pre-orders received a record player mat as a gift which I had. I love it!
Steamy Ibis
The reason most layered electronic music is mastered at a low volume is so you can really crank the volume, in doing so, it doesn't necessarily mean the music becomes louder, rather more details are revealed. With dense music like this, if your system permits, a whole new world can be revealed when you turn it up, just make sure your system is dialed in and this recording can be a real joy when turnt up.
I found it odd that the EP didn't come with a download code (like other EPs/LP's of NIN).
No, it didn't. I wasn't about to buy the album twice...
There is a download link if you buy from the NIN Store. Your choice of mp3, flac or WAV files. Obviously the flac and WAV files are of the highest quality. Same for Not the Actual Events and Bad Witch. Hope this helps!
The impression I'm getting from this EP is that Trent is going for post-NIN music, there are quite a few sounds/tones that are clearly reflective of past NIN albums but used in new ways.
Agreed! My copy sounds great, however I am glad the sound is on the softer side. Definitely worth adding to the NIN collection.
My copy sounds great. Dead silent. However, the volume could be a bit louder.
I mean, the original had a dynamic range of 2-4, so it'd have to be quieter or else the stylus would skip.
Hi, I've a problem with the last track of the Side B. At the middle of the track, it makes an eternal loop and restart at the same point, as if it was a circle and not a spiral. Does someone have the same problem ? thanks
Are you sure? It almost seems that way, but in fact - I believe this was the intention. After letting it go for a few more minutes, I realized that.
It's not never ending, it goes on for about 7 minute. It's not actually stuck in a physical loop on the record and the music subtly changes throughout because all of the instrumental parts are slightly out of time with each other.
Just finished listening and noticed the same issue, mine looks a little beat up ????
it's supposed to be this way, the same loop plays over and over, each one more distorted than the previous. It's not a physical loop in the vinyl, tho.
I've just listened to the flac version and it sounds the same so stupid I am LOL
Thanks for the answer.So as for me, the side B is never ending ?
I think that's the way it's supposed to sound. Got the USA release and it sounds the same.
Great pressing! A tad on the quiet side, but otherwise sounds perfect. No surface noise to speak of and nice full bass, especially on the deeper more electronic parts.
Oh what a piece of junk that is! Songwriting? Forget it. Loudness war? You bet, as it's compressed to death. One third of the total playtime is pure bit-crushing? Oh yeah, great. I used to be a big fan but this is something for the scrap yard.
At first I was skeptical about the packaging- I only own one other cardsleeve and even though I've only handled it two or three times since removing it from the skrinkwrap, it's falling apart. Thankfully, it looks as though this one will hold up much better.
This EP is the best release I've heard in 5 years. Pop sensibility, despite an industrial ethos. The mood created is mesmerizing and the final track repeats like a pasaacaglia, progressively and slowly bit-crushing itself to oblivion. Brilliant release.
Odd that this is the only 2016/2017 release to be available as a cd. (In reference to reissues and new EPs and that intro on the storefront about vinyl blah blah). AND only one (as of now) available outside the nin store. (CD and LP available via Amazon and not -as of now- available via nin store). Cmon. After the failed initial rollout (December 2016) and delayed shipping of initial run and the feedback concerning damaged packages via sandbag...why can’t these reissues and new EPs be available in local record stores (both CD and vinyl) and the digital hi res available via nin store w/out needing to purchase the vinyl? So odd!
They're all in record stores now. I went to Rough Trade this weekend and they had all of the reissues, plus the two new EPs on vinyl. They're also all available on Amazon. They were initially not in stores because the band couldn't keep up with demand from their online store and with the stock they needed to take on tour with them to sell at shows.
Let the double-dipping begin!!! See Nine Inch Nails - Add Violence for reference...First, we buy electronic files with a 'physical component'...which I THOUGHT was going to be the CD.NOPE! Now you have to buy the CD separately!!![...and the Music Industry (yes, you're part of The Problem now, Trent) has the AUDACITY to wonder why people pirate, I'm tired of getting screwed into buying a format I don't want to begin with (either files or vinyl) and then the format I DO want magically comes out later...]
Yeah, you're a moron. No one made you buy it multiple times and it said right when it became available that the physical component wasn't a CD and that a CD was coming September 1st. It would've taken you less time to read that than it would've for you to come here and bitch about nothing. If you don't want to buy it twice then just don't do it.
I don't think there is going to be a cd release or anymore cd releases for NIN again. The reality is that CD's are obsolete as are all optical media now. However you can just write the files to disc. The vinyl is for those that want the artwork and/or the sound of a record. The physical component on was definitely not a cd and is really a hell of a lot cooler than a cd...not to mention you get the files. There are a lot of good reasons to complain but this is a case where you are getting the best of both digital and analog.
You paid $12 for a "physical component" without reading that it didn't include the CD. Who is the dumb-ass?It not one's fault but yours that you THOUGHT you were buying the CD when you ordered the "physical component". It is the second of "physical components" to be released with the EPs. The Not The Actual Events PC did not include a CD so why one would assume the Add Violence one would include a CD, I have no idea.Releasing an album or EP in different formats is not "double-dipping". If he put out Add Violence with 5 tracks and we all bought it, regardless of format, and then he went and dropped an Add Violence EP + 1 NEW BONUS TRACK in the same formats, THAT'S double-dipping.
The "physical component" has been created to be a "physical object" for those who want to buy the DIGITAL VERSION of the album (but you can also buy just the files). It is clearly indicated that the CD is not included: