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Anthony Braxton - Composition, Improvisation, Synthesis - Selections From The Tri-Centric Foundation Archives album flac

Anthony Braxton - Composition, Improvisation, Synthesis - Selections From The Tri-Centric Foundation Archives album flac Performer: Anthony Braxton
Title: Composition, Improvisation, Synthesis - Selections From The Tri-Centric Foundation Archives
Style: Free Jazz, Opera, Contemporary Jazz, Free Improvisation, Contemporary
Released: 2011
MP3 album: 1749 mb
FLAC album: 1215 mb
Rating: 4.4
Genre: Jazz / Classical

Baritone Saxophone, Bass Saxophone, Sopranino Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Contrabass Saxophone – Anthony Braxton (tracks: 11). Bass – Dave Holland (tracks: 1), Joe Fonda (tracks: 9), Jonathan Zorn (tracks: 2), Mark Dresser (tracks: 8). Bass Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone – James Fei (tracks: 2.

Past, Present, Future: Selections from the Tri-Centric Foundation Archives Volume 2 by Anthony Braxton, released 15 September 2011 1. Composition No. 363h (+339, 366e) (excerpt) 2. 256 (excerpt) 3. Trio (Florence) 1979 - 1. 9 - 1 (excerpt) 4. Sound Lee 5. 83 (excerpt) 6. 284 - part II 7. 368D (excerpt) 8. 376 (excerpt) 9. 366b (+346, 367b, 367n) (excerpt) 10. 146 (Moogie and Stetson) (excerpt) 11. Set-2-2 (excerpt) 12. Trillium J Act I (excerpt) Selections from the Tri-Centric Found.

Recently the Tri-Centric Foundation released 26 so called bootleg CDs of the work of avant-garde saxophonist and composer Anthony Braxton. Don’t be fooled by the word bootleg because most of these recordings are of very high quality and show Braxton working in a wide variety of mediums from large orchestras to solo works.

Tri-Centric Foundation is a non-profit organization which supports the ongoing work and legacy o. .From the pulse-driven first species to the accelerator class compositions, SGTM and the Tri-Centric Vocal Ensemble demonstrate new possibilities for vocal choir music where composition meets improvisation, ensemble members become conductors, and the line between sounds and singing blur to form a sonic tapestry of voices unlike any other.

The Tri-Centric Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that supports the ongoing work and legacy of MacArthur Fellow and NEA Jazz Master Anthony Braxton, while also cultivating and inspiring the next generation of creative artists to pursue their own visions with the kind of idealism and integrity Braxton has demonstrated throughout his long and distinguished career From the Counterstream archives, take a deep dive into new music. Celebrate the vitality and breadth of NYC music-making with this sampling of tracks on our platform.

The eminence of improvisation and contemporary composition is finishing a five-day opera, and preparing for the release of a new 12-album se. As in his widely celebrated, jazz-inspired quartet music from the 1980s, Mr. Braxton is keen to have different compositions layered atop one another. One of the areas that interests me is taking stable logics and changing it into mutable logics, he said. Taking mutable logics and changing it into stable logics. Improvisation becomes composition. Tri-Centric Foundation and Andrew Voigt. As a result, music from different decades intermingles amiably - and gives a sense of the vast interpretive possibilities that subsequent generations of artists might yet bring to Mr. Braxton’s catalog. The rush of invention here captures an idea from his system notes for Ghost Trance Music : past, present and future as one unit.

Yesterday the Tri-Centric Foundation, the online home of composer, reedist, and Chicago native Anthony Braxton, relaunched in a heavily revamped form. The site contains loads of information about Braxton's multifarious activities, ensembles, and compositional concepts, but perhaps most exciting is the rebirth of his record label, Braxton House, as a digital entity called-hold tight-New Braxton House Records

Anthony Braxton Quartet (Bremen) 1975. Braxton Bootleg BL004 (digital d/l, 2011) also: excerpt of included on Composition, Improvisation, Synthesis: Selections From the Tri-Centric Foundation Archives, NBH010 (digital d/l, 2011). Anthony Braxton (reeds) Kenny Wheeler (tpt) Dave Holland (b) Barry Altschul (d). 1975 – May 14 Sendesaal Radio Bremen (Germany). Anthony Braxton News From The '70s. New Tone 7005 (CD) with session 1, session 2, session 3 above; session 5 below.

Braxton has almost always been concerned with space, evidenced by his composition schematics appearing even in his early works (For Trio feels like an especially apt example, creating an analog of three dimensions through stereo channels as well as utilizing the voice). And a similar interconnectivity was present at least as early as the collage music of the ingway quartet, with Dresser and Hemingway playing with pulse tracks that Braxton and Crispell could fall back to and utilize as jump points to play any composition in Braxton’s oeuvre. Or the number three, as in the past, present, and future/the composition, improvisation, and synthesis/the tertiary, primary, and secondary materials in the Tri-Centric model, or the three species of GTM, or the 3x12 Trillium units in his operas, or the four groups of three found in many of these recordings.


1 Composition No. 23B 8:20
2 Composition No. 70 10:01
3 Composition No. 106A 3:15
4 Composition No. 135 5:10
5 Improvisation (With Max Roach) 5:50
6 Composition No. 103 5:24
7 Trillium E Act 2 7:51
8 Composition No. 23N 5:48
9 Composition No. 185 7:25
10 Composition No. 219 + 221 + (Lang-Music) Part II 8:54
11 Composition No. 355 11:13


  • Accordion – Peter Cafarella* (tracks: 2), Ted Reichman (tracks: 9)
  • Acoustic Bass, Bass Clarinet – Carl Testa (tracks: 11)
  • Alto Saxophone – Anthony Braxton (tracks: 2, 3, 5, 9, 11)
  • Alto Saxophone [F-saxophone] – Anthony Braxton (tracks: 2)
  • Baritone Saxophone, Bass Saxophone, Sopranino Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Contrabass Saxophone – Anthony Braxton (tracks: 11)
  • Bass – Dave Holland (tracks: 1), Joe Fonda (tracks: 9), Jonathan Zorn (tracks: 2), Mark Dresser (tracks: 8)
  • Bass Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone – James Fei (tracks: 2)
  • Bassoon, Contrabassoon – David Novak (tracks: 2)
  • Clarinet [E-flat], Alto Saxophone [F Saxophone], Soprano Clarinet [B-flat Clarinet] – Anthony Braxton (tracks: 2)
  • Clarinet, Sopranino Saxophone [E-flat] – Anthony Braxton (tracks: 9)
  • Conductor – Anthony Braxton (tracks: 6), Chris Jonas (tracks: 10), Jackson Moore (tracks: 10), James Fei (tracks: 10)
  • Contrabass Clarinet – Anthony Braxton (tracks: 2, 9, 11)
  • Cornet – Taylor Ho Bynum (tracks: 2, 6, 11)
  • Directed By [Blackboard Strategies] – Anthony Braxton (tracks: 10)
  • Drums – Barry Altschul (tracks: 1)
  • Drums, Percussion, Vibraphone – Aaron Siegel (tracks: 11)
  • Drums, Vibraphone, Glockenspiel, Marimba – Kevin Norton (tracks: 9)
  • Electronics, Conductor – David Rosenboom (tracks: 4)
  • Flugelhorn – Taylor Ho Bynum (tracks: 2, 11)
  • Flute – Anthony Braxton (tracks: 2, 9)
  • Guitar – Mary Halvorson (tracks: 11)
  • Orchestra – CalArts New Century Players (tracks: 4)
  • Percussion – Gerry Hemingway (tracks: 8), Kevin Norton (tracks: 2, 9), Max Roach (tracks: 5), William Winant (tracks: 4)
  • Piano – Marilyn Crispell (tracks: 8)
  • Reeds – Anthony Braxton (tracks: 1, 4, 8)
  • Tenor Trombone, Trombone [Alto Trombone] – Roland Dahinden (tracks: 9)
  • Trombone – George Lewis (tracks: 4)
  • Trombone, Bass Trumpet, Piccolo Trumpet – Taylor Ho Bynum (tracks: 11)
  • Trumpet – Forbes Graham (tracks: 6), John McDonough (tracks: 6), Kenny Wheeler (tracks: 1), Nate Wooley (tracks: 6), Nicole Rampersaud (tracks: 6), Sam Hoyt (tracks: 6), Tim Byrnes (tracks: 6)
  • Tuba – Jay Rozen (tracks: 11)
  • Violin – Jason Hwang (tracks: 9)
  • Violin, Electric Bass, Viola – Jessica Pavone (tracks: 11)


Track 1 recorded May 14, 1975 – Sendesaal Radio in Bremen, West Germany
Track 2 recorded May 01, 1998 – Washington, D.C.
Track 3 recorded June 02, 1985 – Planet in Brussels, Belgium
Track 4 recorded October 05, 1992 – County Museum of Art in Los Angeles, CA
Track 5 recorded June 26, 1989 – Teatro Romano, Verona Jazz Festival, Verona, Italy
Track 6 recorded September 23, 2007 – St. Mark's Church, New York, NY
Track 7 recorded March 18, 2010 – Brooklyn, NY
Track 8 recorded November 12, 1993 – The Knitting Factory, New York, NY
Track 9 recorded October 14, 1995 – AkBank Jazz Festival, Istanbul, Turkey
Track 10 recorded April 18, 1998 – Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT
Track 11 recorded May 30, 2008 – Pittsbugh, PA

Note: The release page on the label website does not provide a link to the artists performing on track 7, but details can be found here: http://www.localhost/Anthony-Braxton-Trillium-E/release/3326065